repubblica in A Sentence


    On 14 May, la Repubblica published an article alleging many inconsistencies in Berlusconi''s story and asked him to answer ten questions to clarify the situation.


    From the nearby Termini and Repubblica subway stations it is easy to reach the city's most famous monuments, and most important government, institutional and cultural buildings.


    A manuscript in a small Italian town known as Gaeta is the first known document to contain the word“pizza,” food historian Giuseppe Nocca told Italian newspaper La Repubblica.


    In January 1995 the newspaper La Repubblica reported on“ a gesture unprecedented in the history of contemporary Catholicism”- the problem of Pope Pius XII's silence in connection with the Holocaust was addressed.


    The term"axis" was first applied to the Italo-German relationship by the Italian prime minister Benito Mussolini in September 1923, when he wrote in the preface to Roberto Suster's Germania Repubblica that"there is no doubt that in this moment the axis of European history passes through Berlin" non v'ha dubbio che in questo momento l'asse della storia europea passa per Berlino.


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